Sunday, November 9, 2014

Looking Investor for My Farm

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Our product like Turkey, pheasant, brahma, etc is verry consumable in our country and also this is a potential market because there is no big farm in our country produce our breeding chickens.

We need to expand our farm so we need a silent investor for our farm.
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Agarwood Farming Management

Basic overview
  • Land plot: Better Agarwood/Gaharu quality at steep areas up to 45 degree i.e 0-700m from sea level.
  • Rainfall : Better Agarwood/Gaharu quality at the land plot receiving more than 2000mm rainfall per year.
  • Temperature : Best quality Agarwood/Gaharu producing trees grow at low temperature i.e humidity is high, (24ºC -32ºC ) with a 70% rate of sunshine.
  • Soil : Best quality of Agarwood/Gaharu trees grow at specific soil, 4-6 PH, loamy soil, soft sandy clay like soil, deep and stony.

Modern Cultivation Technique
  • Mechanical treatment by systematic wounding method.
  • Inducement of super agar resin formation through application of special concoction of inoculum known as Effective Resin Inducement Biotechnology Serum (ERIBS).

Mechanical treatment

Systematic wounding technique
  • A properly managed 5 years old Aquilaria subintegra tree can grow up to 30 feet in height and25 inch in circumference.
  • Relatively about 500 holes can be made with an electrical drill machine, 5 inches deep and separation column of 4×4 inches can be drilled at 5 years old Aquilaria subintegra.
  • The “hole” made by this technique is pointed at relatively steep angle upwards to preserve the humidity factor.

  • ERIB Serum will be innoculated into the holes. This technique accelerates the natural defense responses of the Aquilaria trees. Thus forming the Exotic Fragrant Agar Resin in the trees.
  • Most Agarwood/Gaharu growers will choose to use this Effective Resin Inducement Biotechnology Serum simply because it is superior to any other Agarwood/Gaharu inducement technique. More agar resin is formed in a shorter period and at a lower cost.
  • In natural forest, the Aquilaria trees at the age of 20-40 years produce agar resin formation as a natural response to wounds or infection by the forest endotrophic mycorrhizal fungi.
  • A formation of Fragrant Agar resin will be produced 8 months after the ERIBS inducement technique.

Case study: Inducement technique carried out on 7 years old Aquilaria subintegra tree in Thailand has fetched a whopping RM20,000 per kg.

Do you know?
  • Aquilaria subintegra was declared as the only Agarwood species that produce super grade agar resinin World Gaharu Convention, Vietnam (2004).
  • Aquilaria subintegra is a Gaharu species, native to Thailand and Malaysia.
  • The tree produces high percentage yield of essential oil and has a pleasant aroma.
  • Biotechnology research states that sustainable yield of resin is produced in relatively young innoculated Aquilaria subintegra tree. i.e 6-8 years.
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